Navigate with Ease-Ontario Education System

Canada offers some of the best education in the world. Do you want to explore more about the Public School System in Ontario? Please come and join our webinar. Parents, Early Child Educators, International Trained Elementary and Secondary School Teachers or anyone interested in education are welcome! Questions are: What are the Childcare Services? How … Read more

Healthy Mind Matters

You might be hearing a lot about mental health lately. That is because mental health issues are at an increase. Want to raise your self-awareness about this topic? Join us in this webinar to learn how you can maintain good mental health and improve your overall well-being. Join us in this webinar to learn about: • … Read more

Your First Steps in Ontario

Have you recently arrived in Ontario? Do you need help creating a “To Do” checklist regarding your settlement process? Join us to learn about essential programs and services you can access as a new resident of Ontario. Our orientation session will help you understand how you can better tackle your settlement needs in your first few weeks in Ontario! To attend the webinar, please first … Read more

Workplace Culture 101

As you arrive in Canada – the land of opportunities, your priority is getting a job as soon as possible. Before you start your new job why not familiarize yourself with Canadian workplace culture? This webinar will help you succeed in the Canadian workplace, understand the work environment, prepare you to work in a multicultural workplace, and learn … Read more

Money Management as a Newcomer

As a newcomer in Canada, you probably have many questions about the banking products and Government financial support programs that are available to you. This webinar will get you familiar with the basics of Canadian Financial System, products & services, as well as how to better manage your money and protect yourself from fraud. Topics: … Read more