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Small Business Support Project offered by CCS is a pilot funded by the IRCC to serve permanent residents, convention refugees and live-in caregivers at a lower language level (CLB2-4).

While there is no shortage of business resources for budding entrepreneurs in Toronto, it is challenging for newcomers who are struggling with the language to access these programs and resources. The Small Business Support Project is unique in that it helps bridge this gap by offering knowledge and one-on-one support to this particular clientele in a way with which they are comfortable and can understand.

We would like to invite you to join our guest speaker,  Vaughn Simpson, from CCS, to discuss this program, and how it could support you to start your own small business through the program.

To attend the webinar, please first register with  YMCA Newcomer Information Centre.

If you already our client, please log in to our community, and register under “Upcoming Webinar“.